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Our Program

Koyne is a program by Arcaica ry that is inspired by the concept of art as a lingua franca, a common language and a communication channel that seeks to build bridges by creating exchange circuits between art residences. The philosophy behind Koyne aims to promote the harmonious, democratic and creative integration of traditional and modern disciplines and knowledge through the language of art. Through the Koyne or the lingua franca of art, different residences throughout the world can connect without borders and exchange knowledge, techniques and materials.

Koyne encourages collectively and socially responsible projects and is interested in developing a critical vision on issues that we consider of mutual and transversal importance such as biodiversity and cultural heritage, climate change and democracy by technological revolution. We want  to use art, science and creative inquiry as a way to explore, connect and communicate ideas for a more conscious and sustainable life.

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Arcaica ry

Helsinki, Finland

Tel: +358 40 7023 732

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