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The Utkhu Puu project

Our project seeks to investigate the relationship between materials, natural fibers, material handling techniques for the manufacture of pieces and their symbolic and utilitarian meaning through the experimental short film "Distance to know again".

The short film project accompanies three artists from different backgrounds on their journey through different art residencies to develop pieces using natural fibers as part of their creative work.

In the development of the story we show the existing relationships in the ecosystems, of which the circuit of residences is a part and how the relationships between the natural, the wild, the technological, the human and the non-human are part of the same space and They must co-exist sustainably.

The script revolves around giving visibility to the process of searching for sustainable material options.
All SNC residences have their own traditions and materials. We are interested in showing how the circuit tries to find common elements in the work of the residencies that can complement and enrich each other.

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