The UTKHU - PUU  is a project by the South North Circuit that seeks to investigate and represent by art how the humans have used and develop native, natural and organic fibers throughout history. 


The project seeks to explore the history, from the origins in the use of various vegetable fibers and the first textile confections with the different native varieties of cotton and flax, the first crops more than 7500 years ago to the different uses in global industry and commerce of our days.

As different cultures throughout history have used different fibers and developed multiple spinning and clothing techniques, some of which are still used.


In this sense, the work consists of carrying out an investigation on the different natural fibers used by the traditional cultures where the residences of the circuit are located.

Tuo Tuo residence in Finland and GoctaLab residence in Amazonas. Investigate the cultivation, the spinning process and the different techniques of weaving and making pieces, as well as the symbolic meaning.


Our project seeks to investigate the relationship between materials, natural fibers, material handling techniques for making pieces and their symbolic and utilitarian meaning.


The project invites artists of different backgrounds to develop pieces using natural fibers as part of their proposals. Making an exchange of different sustainable organic fibers between various art residencies and a multidisciplinary work between different artistic techniques and disciplines.